"The Buddha was trained as a warrior, his early life was spent in the discipline and technique of early Indian martial arts. He then used the discipline of that training to fight the causes of suffering and confusion in his own mind. Jeff Eisenberg has followed a similar path and in this insightful book shares with us the path of liberation through the internal battle. Fight the power. Fight ignorance. Fight greed, hatred and delusion.
Fight on!"

--Noah Levine, Budhhist teacher, founder of The Against the Stream Meditation Society, and author of Dharma Punx, Against the Stream, Heart of the Revolution, and Refuge Recovery.

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"Jeff Eisenberg has written a down-to-earth, informative investigation of the converging values and practices of martial arts training and the Buddhist path. His insights and reflections are honest and easy to follow, elucidating a wide variety of spiritual insights. You'll enjoy these reflections; they may even point you towards black belt enlightenment."

 -- Josh Korda, Buddhist writer for Lion's Roar, Tricycle, and Wisdom Publications. Lead Dharma Teacher of NYC Dharma Punx

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"Through decades dedicated to the martial-arts and a Buddhist practice, Jeff Eisenberg explains through experiential knowledge the successes and pitfalls of both paths. To be present in the here and now, opening to the eternal moment, by way of our path of choice, even when faced with chaotic situations; this is the spirit of the Fighting Buddha. Read on and partake of this humble offering of spirit."

Peace and Blessings-

--Shawn Zappo, Meditation teacher, Surfer, Father, and Writer

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