Compassionate Control

Based on his 20 years as a defensive tactics instructor, as well as having worked as a bodyguard in the New York Television world, and as the director of crisis security in the emergency psychiatric unit of a major New Jersey hospital, Jeff has created an empty hand diffusal, escort and restraint tactics training for professionals in the fields of law enforcement, security, mental health, hospital, psychiatric, and social work, as well as, training for all aspects of work place violence.

Little Buddhas

Martial Arts, Meditation, Empowerment,
Anti-Bullying trainings for kids.

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Adult Martial Arts Training

Based on over forty five years of martial arts training and over thirty years of meditation training  Jeff has created a training that he calls Tatakai Zen Jitsu. 

Tatakai Zen Jitsu which translates to "Art Mind and skill Combative's" is a practice of practical, reality based martial arts drawing from  Japanese Ju-jitsu, Aikido , Judo, Brazilian Ju-jitsu, and Korean Hapkido.

It also incorporates the meditative practice of Shiknitanza or "just sitting" from the Zen tradition to make the training a complete balance of physical and mental discipline. 

Jeff Eisenberg has been training in the martial and meditative arts for over 40 years and is a Grand Master level martial arts instructor with over 30 years teaching experience. 

He offers guidance in an eclectic path of mixed martial and meditative arts helping students to reach their full potential through reality based techniques, self empowerment, mental and physical discipline, and a state of balance, health, and over all well being. 

He is also the author of Fighting Buddha , Buddha's Bodyguard, and Buddhism Stinks, and does private mentoring sessions and workshops on using mindfulness and Buddhist teachings as tactics to transform one's life.