Tess McDaniel: Yoga 

                          Be the Change!​

​The Fighting Buddha Dojo is dedicated to bringing FREE mindfulness activities to under priveledged and at risk youth.

After an introductory period of sitting and walking meditation, we utilize activities like martial arts, surfing, skateboarding, and yoga as vehicles to help kids "change their minds'. Our goal in "changing" a mind is of course, is to provide the opportunity for our participants to gain a new perspective of their experience and an understanding of the mindfulness tools needed to manage that experience in a new, skillful, positive way, but for us this is just the beginning!

While it starts with changing the mind, for us to "be the change" means our ability to empower our participants with a new sense of esteem and worth that creates a foundation of hope and motivation for them to be their own change! And in our experience this begins with the pride that comes from trying and succeeding in a new activity!



Jeff Eisenberg:  Martial Arts / Meditation facilitator

Shawn Zappo:  ​Surfing / Skateboarding / Meditation Facilitator

Jeff is also part of the Goodstock Jam Band, a non profit charity that only does gigs for charitable events.

Matt Becker: Yoga / Meditation Facilitator