Drawing upon over 40 years of martial arts training, Sensei Eisenberg integrates techniques from Japanese Jujitsu, Brazilian Jujitsu, Judo, and Hapkido, as well as his professional experience as an investigator, certified tactics instructor, bodyguard and certified protection specialist into a singular training of practical, reality based personal protection. Classes are appropriate for all levels from beginner to advanced, as Sensei Eisenberg assesses each student and details his instruction to best serve each individual student’s level, needs, and goals. Students will become proficient in:

Sweeps, Throws, & Takedowns

Restraint locks & Submission holds

Ground Fighting

Weapon Defense

Sun April 1 

​Atlanta Soto Zen Center

I will be leading a Dharma discussion and doing a talk about "Fighting Buddha" and "Buddha's Bodyguard"

  • Heart Sutra3:49

New weekly class ​starting Weds Jan 10th, 2018 

East Coast Martial Arts in Wall, NJ