"Through decades dedicated to the martial-arts and a Buddhist practice, Jeff Eisenberg explains through experiential knowledge the successes and pitfalls of both paths. To be present in the here and now, opening to the eternal moment, by way of our path of choice, even when faced with chaotic situations; this is the spirit of the Fighting Buddha. Read on and partake of this humble offering of spirit."

Peace and Blessings-
--Shawn Zappo, Meditation teacher, Surfer, Father, and Writer


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by Brent R Oliver

Endorsements for Fighting Buddha

For anyone who has ever studied Martial Arts, or for anyone contemplating the study of Martial Arts, Fighting Buddha is without question a must read revelation into the possibilities of what this training could be, and should be; if approached with an unwavering dedication by the student and an equally dedicated and competent teacher.
The author presents an honest, articulate and at times a humorous aspect to his real-life approach to the study of Martial Arts as seen through a Buddhist philosophy, emphasizing that "training is merely preparation for reality". Read this book and you will come to realize that "there is nothing sadder than a Martial Artist who lives with the constant question of whether they could really defend themselves or not!"

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"The Buddha was trained as a warrior, his early life was spent in the discipline and technique of early Indian martial arts. He then used the discipline of that training to fight the causes of suffering and confusion in his own mind. Jeff Eisenberg has followed a similar path and in this insightful book shares with us the path of liberation through the internal battle. Fight the power. Fight ignorance. Fight greed, hatred and delusion.
Fight on!"

--Noah Levine, Budhhist teacher, founder of The Against the Stream Meditation Society, and author of Dharma Punx, Against the Stream, Heart of the Revolution, and Refuge Recovery.

"Jeff Eisenberg has written a down-to-earth, informative investigation of the converging values and practices of martial arts training and the Buddhist path. His insights and reflections are honest and easy to follow, elucidating a wide variety of spiritual insights. You'll enjoy these reflections; they may even point you towards black belt enlightenment." 

 -- Josh Korda, Buddhist writer for Lion's Roar, Tricycle, and Wisdom Publications. Lead Dharma Teacher of NYC Dharma Punx

For me this was one of those books that is now all marked up and highlighted due to the great points, ideas, and information. A great read for me. Thank you Jeff!


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Amazon Reader Reviews

This book is a REFRESHING addition to the growing field of books on applying mindfulness/meditation in daily life. I am especially appreciative, as a meditation teacher, of how Jeff embraces the notion that mindfulness can be practiced in every activity of human living...especially in "hard core" martial arts. As a creative meditator/meditation teacher, and now a Jiu Jitsu practitioner, I could not put this book down! I especially appreciate Jeff's candidness and honesty in talk about the phenomena of cults/groupies/teacher workship that he has experienced first hand in both meditation and martial arts circles. Thank you, Jeff!

-DR. Jamie Marich, Mindfulness teacherAuthor of "Dancing Mindfulness" 


As a Buddhist and martial artist, I was skeptical of this book. That being said, I couldn't put it down once I started it. This book is packed with experience in both martial arts and Buddhism.

I like the author's no nonsense approach and his ability to cut through delusions and egos of both Buddhist and martial artists.

Overall, I highly recommend this book and am giving a copy to my son. It is one of the best martial art books I have read.It is up there with Bruce Lee's. Also, the author has a strong understanding of Buddhism and after 25 years of of study, I picked up a few new teachings.

-Eddy Sky

Although Fighting Buddha is about the author’s personal journey in reconciling his enjoyment and successful career in martial arts with his Buddhist ‘do no harm’ philosophy, to me, the book reaches beyond the boundaries of martial arts and Buddhism and speaks to anyone who wishes to be a better person and to live their life more fully and authentically. The author speaks from his heart, and shoots from his hip. I found it a very enjoyable and enlightening read.

What I got out of the book is the overarching importance of personal responsibility for your life and happiness. Everyone’s conscience and ideals are going to be different, as are everyone’s struggles. At the end of the day, we are still left with ourselves - and we’ll be a lot better off if we can look in the mirror and accept whatever reality is staring back at us. You can’t effect change without first accepting reality.

The book is a terrific addition to Buddhist and Martial Arts sections in the stores, but it also could use shelf space in the Self-Help area.

My all-time favorite quote is in this book: “You are perfect, but you could use some improvement.” And I think that sums- up the message. And how the author arrives at that message is absolutely worth reading.

-Kathy Nordone